Tuesday, March 1, 2011

9 Month Stats

Davis is 9 months.  We had a great visit at the pediatrician. Davis was happy and so was mom, that there were no shots involved. In the first few months of check ups, it is not uncommon for them to give 5-6 shots  a visit. These poor kids. Davis is always so energetic and cheerful at these appointments. I'm always amazed at his growth, particularly his height. A true Medley. None of his clothes fit. If they fit in the waist then they are capris and if they fit in the length, we need a baby belt - ugh. We need a baby big and tall store I think. HA! His personality is hysterical. He is interested in all that mom and dad are doing - cooking, showering, getting clothes in the closet, doing laundry, etc. He wants to be in the action. He is sleeping through the night and is all smiles in the morning. He has transitioned to 2 naps which affords a little more play time. He is babbling, mama, dada, but is not very specific with these titles. He is making facial expressions and is beginning to mimic all of us around him. He continues to be the light of our days.

Weight: 22.7 lbs. (75-90th percentile)
Length: 30.5 in.  (90th percentile)
Food likes: bananas, roasted chicken, blueberries, peas, pears
Food dislikes: anything spoon fed such as rice cereal
Activities: Music Class, swinging and sliding at the park, getting into everything, using a sippy cup and helping hold his bottle

Davis as he mimics dad during meal time. 

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  1. Hilarious! You know you're cute when you look good even if covered with green veggies.