Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Baby Davis

Our first Easter with Davis and in our new home. The Easter Bunny visited Baby Davis with a basket full of little goodies. No candy this year as I anticipate the years to come will be filled with chocolate bunnies and jelly beans. We attended sunrise Mass which Davis survived until just before Communion. Andrew was more than happy to take him outside to play with the other toddlers. We returned home to put him down for a nap before heading back to the McLachlins for Easter Brunch. This has been an annual tradition at their home since 2005. The Smiths and McLachlins are always so hospitable and thoughtful for including us in their celebration as our family is away. They prepared a beautiful and delicious spread. Davis and Makena played with their Easter goodies and this time I brought a change of clothes for Baby Davis although I loved his bubble from Grandmother Jean. It was a beautiful day, enjoyed by all.

New truck from Easter Bunny

Makena (8 months) & Davis (11 months)

Medleys and McLachlins

Lyndsay, Suzanne, me and Kristy

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tennis at the McLachlins

This Saturday we were invited by the McLachlin Family to their home for a relaxing afternoon and friendly tennis tournament. I use the word friendly lightly as more than half the participants were college athletes and slightly competitive. It was great fun and no one was hurt. Davis cheered us on as he enjoyed playing bocce ball and crawling on grass, concrete, gravel etc. His legs and hands were black by the end of the afternoon. He had a great time and slept in until 6 AM the next morning. He awoke just in time for sunrise Mass.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Makena and Davis... the beginnings of a beautiful friendship.

Makena Marie is the daughter of our nearest and dearest friends, Kristy and Parker. She was born just 11 weeks after Davis. The two of them, of course, became quick friends. In their few months, they have had many firsts and adventures together. Davis, the destroyer, is learning that pretty bows are not to be pulled, quiet time is good, and laying infants, especially girls, "out" on their backs is not appropriate behavior. Makena and Davis have traveled together, out of the womb and in utero. They recently finished music class together where this classic picture was captured. I can already hear Davis saying 'she touched me first'.
Both families were present at the hospital the day of their births. If only Makena had shown Davis how to enter the world a little less dramatically. We visited her, her first weekend home. 
And five weeks later, they traveled, Bjorn style, to Tahoe.
In Tahoe, the grandparents even had a stroller date.
We celebrated Thanksgiving together, where they started to engage eachother. I think Davis made the first move here.

 At one point in time, they even played quietly on a blanket.

They've gone Christmas shopping together.
And even wore dresses together for Davis' Baptism.
Makena and Davis are our hearts. Davis' young life is richer due to their presence. We treasure these moments and memories and look forward to the many more to come of Davis and his first friend, Makena Marie.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Swim Break

We have been up to our knees in boxes and dust and took a much needed pool break. Scottsdale has had some warm weather the last few weekends.  Despite the warm weather, our backyard pool is not quite warm enough, we snuck down the street to our neighborhood pool as this was heated. Davis has been loving his play time outside and of course with Dad. We are looking forward to daily dips in our own pool in a few months. On a side note: our pool went from looking like the Bayou Teche to a clear mountain spring. Our next project is putting up the pool fence to protect sweet Davis and any other munchkins, including the baby rabbits :-(

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Uncle Tim!

A birthday wish to Uncle Tim who is working and studying abroad in China. He has been working very hard, traveling the Far East and taking some amazing pictures. He is very bright and talented and very very missed. We wish you a very Happy 23rd Birthday Timothy! Know you are loved.  (photo courtesy of Liz, i think.)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Congrats Jeff & Kanani!

Our family was very blessed today! My brother Jeff wed Tedra "Kanani" Hooper during a private sunset ceremony on the beach in Oceano, California. My parents and her parents were there to witness their vows.  We could not be happier for the two of them.  They are returning to Las Vegas tomorrow to then fly to Maui for a week long honeymoon.  Andrew and I pray for a long, faithful and happy marriage. We are looking forward to celebrating together very soon. Welcome Kanani to the crazy Quijano clan and congrats to you both!