Saturday, March 19, 2011

Moving Day

We survived the move with the help of our little guy who supervised and helped organize our bubble wrap, tissue paper and styrofoam (which i swiped out his mouth more than once). He did spend most of his days in his pajamas, just like mom, packing away. He was very patient and found great pleasure in all the varieties of paper.

Moving, I believe for all, is bittersweet. A goodbye to a home with treasured memories and moments and a hello to a new set in our new home. In our first home, Andrew and I began our married life together. We purchased new furniture, learned that its a test of your marriage to hang blinds and light fixtures and that carrying costco runs up 3 flights of stairs is not for sissies. We got our share of scorpions and crazy neighbors, neither of which we'll miss. We transitioned from from new jobs and careers and from a couple to a family. We are grateful for the opportunity to "move up" in to our new home where we can continue to experience life's medley as we grow as a couple and family.

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