Thursday, March 10, 2011

Auntie Kate comes to Arizona!

Andrew's sister, Kate ventured West to visit the Medleys amidst a move and unfortunately the stomach bug -ugh. It began Friday night, with Davis. She helped as we changed sheets twice and jammies 4 times! She kept Davis cuddled and smiling through it all. Later that night I awoke with the bug and Sunday morning Andrew did. We were praying Auntie Kate would be in the clear after I cloroxed the house and Kate downed some EmergenC. To no avail, Kate was struck down early Monday morning - oh how terribly we all felt. Auntie Kate, we promise on your next trip we will be moved in and all healthy. Kate did squeeze a photo session or two of Davis and I. Andrew was in bed this day. Thank you Auntie Kate for a memorable ;-) visit and for the amazing photo shoot.

Here is a link to her smugmug page where you'll find her amazing photos with a gallery titled Arizona with Davis. 

Great last pic in his nursery before the move. A little sad for mom.

Somebody must have said something very funny!

Radio Flyer...ready for take off...

Sweet time with Auntie Kate

Airplane with Auntie Kate.

We didn't realize until now, that he does not care for the texture of grass - a true desert baby.

A little more relaxed with socks on.

Giving the mama some love.

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