Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Morning

Everyone has had the feeling when they wake up in a new home. Its a wonderful feeling. We had a great first night, thank goodness the baby slept through, because we were beyond exhausted. Mom "Mimi" was there the entire move, mopping our floors, organizing and tending to our craziness and the baby. We are beyond thankful and could NOT have done it without her. Here are some pics from our first morning.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Moving Day

We survived the move with the help of our little guy who supervised and helped organize our bubble wrap, tissue paper and styrofoam (which i swiped out his mouth more than once). He did spend most of his days in his pajamas, just like mom, packing away. He was very patient and found great pleasure in all the varieties of paper.

Moving, I believe for all, is bittersweet. A goodbye to a home with treasured memories and moments and a hello to a new set in our new home. In our first home, Andrew and I began our married life together. We purchased new furniture, learned that its a test of your marriage to hang blinds and light fixtures and that carrying costco runs up 3 flights of stairs is not for sissies. We got our share of scorpions and crazy neighbors, neither of which we'll miss. We transitioned from from new jobs and careers and from a couple to a family. We are grateful for the opportunity to "move up" in to our new home where we can continue to experience life's medley as we grow as a couple and family.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Auntie Kate comes to Arizona!

Andrew's sister, Kate ventured West to visit the Medleys amidst a move and unfortunately the stomach bug -ugh. It began Friday night, with Davis. She helped as we changed sheets twice and jammies 4 times! She kept Davis cuddled and smiling through it all. Later that night I awoke with the bug and Sunday morning Andrew did. We were praying Auntie Kate would be in the clear after I cloroxed the house and Kate downed some EmergenC. To no avail, Kate was struck down early Monday morning - oh how terribly we all felt. Auntie Kate, we promise on your next trip we will be moved in and all healthy. Kate did squeeze a photo session or two of Davis and I. Andrew was in bed this day. Thank you Auntie Kate for a memorable ;-) visit and for the amazing photo shoot.

Here is a link to her smugmug page where you'll find her amazing photos with a gallery titled Arizona with Davis. 

Great last pic in his nursery before the move. A little sad for mom.

Somebody must have said something very funny!

Radio Flyer...ready for take off...

Sweet time with Auntie Kate

Airplane with Auntie Kate.

We didn't realize until now, that he does not care for the texture of grass - a true desert baby.

A little more relaxed with socks on.

Giving the mama some love.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Movin on Up!

The Medley family has been quite busy recently. We recently purchased a new home, 1 mile down the street from our condo in the Grayhawk Community. We are blessed to have the means to do this and to live in a beautiful and safe community. Scottsdale was recently named top city to raise kids in both Parenting and Sunset magazine. We made the purchase and began a little demo and re-no consisting of the floors, paint, tearing down walls and putting new ones up. There will be some great before and after pictures coming later. Until then, a little peek at 7650 E. Fledgling.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

9 Month Stats

Davis is 9 months.  We had a great visit at the pediatrician. Davis was happy and so was mom, that there were no shots involved. In the first few months of check ups, it is not uncommon for them to give 5-6 shots  a visit. These poor kids. Davis is always so energetic and cheerful at these appointments. I'm always amazed at his growth, particularly his height. A true Medley. None of his clothes fit. If they fit in the waist then they are capris and if they fit in the length, we need a baby belt - ugh. We need a baby big and tall store I think. HA! His personality is hysterical. He is interested in all that mom and dad are doing - cooking, showering, getting clothes in the closet, doing laundry, etc. He wants to be in the action. He is sleeping through the night and is all smiles in the morning. He has transitioned to 2 naps which affords a little more play time. He is babbling, mama, dada, but is not very specific with these titles. He is making facial expressions and is beginning to mimic all of us around him. He continues to be the light of our days.

Weight: 22.7 lbs. (75-90th percentile)
Length: 30.5 in.  (90th percentile)
Food likes: bananas, roasted chicken, blueberries, peas, pears
Food dislikes: anything spoon fed such as rice cereal
Activities: Music Class, swinging and sliding at the park, getting into everything, using a sippy cup and helping hold his bottle

Davis as he mimics dad during meal time.