Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why a Blog?

I'm not a facebooker, a myspacer and I've never tweeted, but one of my resolutions is to start AND maintain a blog. As a new mom, I have found great pleasure in the sweet moments of everyday life. Davis will be my muse although I hope this serves as a scrapbook for our family too. I don't believe I'll have the time to run to a scrapbook store for a while. With our immediate family in 7 different states and one in China, I hope it will allow us to keep in touch and share our memories too. Also, I won't be overloading their inboxes with large video files or photo blasts on a daily basis. (ok, maybe just the grandmothers'.) So, you can check this blog as you may. I'll keep posting and hopefully our medley of adventures in parenthood, keeping house and general life in the desert will keep you entertained.

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