Friday, June 17, 2016


We moved 6.16.16! It was glorious, hot, messy, dusty, chaotic, exhausting...but glorious. Moving truck from the apartment, contents from our pod, garage and storage throughout the property all released on 7413. WE moved into a half finished house, half the toilets, no cooking range, no handles on our cabinets, half the door knobs and a slew of workman. Total slew. In and out of the house. Funny how they all show up when you move in. The kids were so excited to have their own rooms and bathrooms. And for handling the 3 moves in 6 months like the they did, they deserve it. 

We did it!!

Night one...wander how we lived in such chaos. 

Contents of our pod in dining room. 

Moving truck in the front drive. Pantry door on the front patio.

When your front yard looks like a dump

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Steamboat in June

We had our first annual Quijano kids trip to Steamboat in June. It was the first time to take a trip as adults without mom and dad. Its been hard to coral everyone especially with the international traveling that happens with two of them. Steamboat was a fun place and special to us because we had a home there at one time. It where most of us learned to ski. It was a much needed time to catch up and for the Medley crew, a break from chaos of Cholla, one week before move in. We enjoyed time downtown, visiting the Botanical Garden, hike to Fish Creek Falls, dinners in, Cranium where the "+1's" took the crown, cousin time and back porch sittin and vino sippin.

When the hike to Fish Creek Falls was too much for the little 3 year old legs, we let the the little guy hang with them to the top. If we're being honest, I'm not much of a hiker so he would have out climbed his mama. 

Liz, Tim, Kanan & Kanoa, Andrew, Davis, Grace & Marissa, Jeff & Noelani, Allyson, Vica and Dan
Original Quijano Crew

Noelani, Davis with Kanoa, Grace
Tante brought a godzilla piƱata to our mountain party. They took it for rides in the house elevator. 
Sometimes, we'd just send him up by himself and the kids would run to meet him on whatever floor. 

And a random stick he found while hiking. 

Also, the moment we started to see our deposit fly out the window. 

Grace was not amused by the godzilla moving around and flying from the 2nd floor. 

But all was happy when the candy fell from the sky like mana from heaven. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Days

Trampoline playdates followed by pancakes for lunch. 
Our first pedicures together!
Her first pedi while the boys traveled. Purple with white polka dots. 
Visiting the Mooneys and their neighbor, Romeo the pony.
Little gifts from the Hayes' for Davis keeping Baby Hayes a secret for ONE month from Andrew. When it was time to share, Davis announced at dinner that "they're having a baby". Andrew mistook this for my being pregnant and turned to look at me with a look I will never forget.

Lots of family time in our little apartment. 
So we never forget the gigantic sewer roaches that we shared our apartment with.  Not sure who was worse, the family of 6 above us or the sewer roaches. And that time I almost went to buy a gun so I could kill this roach. In my toothbrush holder!!
Wrapping presents for mom and dad with bills taped to them is becoming a regular thing. 
In-N-Out picnic in the apartment on a Friday night to watch Wall-E. 
Don't worry Medleys, I'm teaching both sides of the river. 
"My Sister Gracie". I'm buying this book for anyone who names their girl Gracie. 
Preschool Graduate
Passing the preschool baton to his sis.
Preschool gang.
Davis, Logan, Mason, Brooks and Jake.
Sunny naps at the Hayes'
Borrowing the Hayes' Pool fora little fun in the sun. 
And their first McDonald's experience! No joke. 
And sis with her favorite food, grilled cheese. 
Kenny Chesney with the Barnes. 
And the last nap in her crib. Cue the tears. And much credit to her for being able to sleep with all that sunlight in the apartment.

Cholla in May

We saw the most progress in this room this month with cabinets, ceiling and flooring.
Driveway done, although we're talking about teplacing the rock already.
Foyer left and dining right
Kitchen base cabinets in
Dining room window sings begun

Brick wall between foyer and dining
Mud cabinets in laundry room
Making his mark in his room
I found our pantry sliding door!
We've got interior doors!
Entry brick wall progress
Back patio pavers done.
Wall done and ready for floors
Everyone got kicked our for a few weeks while the wood floors went down. 
Floor progress in dining room.
Grace's bathroom
Grace's bathroom tile done!

Amazon floor tiles for the win!
Back patio with dining room and master doors in view

Living room 
Tongue and groove ceiling in the living room began
First of kitchen cabinets going in with wet bar and fridge frame
Progress on the ceiling
Davis bathroom floor tile is one of our favorite tiles of the whole project. 
Tongue and groove walls in Davis' bathroom
Pool bathroom floor tiles.
Little old and little new in the back yard. 
Playroom fireplace with new brick, concrete caps and board and batten.
Laundry room
Views at back patio door
And we received word that this guy was a rattlesnake that startled the landscapers as it slithered out our flower bed into the alley. We were on the lookout for him as we were petrified of anyone getting bit, esp the children. 
They finally caught him and killed him after he jumped at one of our subs. He traveled down the alley, up 74th,  down our driveway and into a bush close to our garage. Super territorial. He was an almost 6 foot gopher snake.