Sunday, July 31, 2016

California Summer 2016

We returned to Scottsdale and jumped right back into our projects here at Cholla. Mimi flew out to help with the kiddos for a few days while we prepared to get out the heat again and escape to the Central Coast. Grace and her potty trained self created a slightly longer drive time out...close to 10.5 hours. Yikes. But we made it and enjoyed a wonderful visit with Mimi and Pops while escaping the heat and chaos back at home.

Beach time

Avila Barn 

Golf time at the range in Cypress ridge

And lots of checkers games.

And Pops makes a point to serve them ice cream with sprinkles, EVERY night. And this one never lets a sprinkle go uneaten.

Beautiful morning on an electric boat in Morro Bay

Lots of seals in view

Oh captain, My Captain

Mimi dropped us of for our annual train ride from SLO station to Grover Beach. 

Through vineyards

Friday, July 29, 2016

San Francisco in July

Mimi and Pops were invited to the premier of Gleason with New Orleans friends in SF. They invited us along to stay at a hotel, visit with Uncle Tim and see some city sights. We drove straight across the Golden Gate Bridge to snap some quick pics before heading down Lombard.  We had dinner with Tim and while Mimi and Pops headed to the premier we grabbed some ice cream before heading to bed. We had a beautiful morning to walking around Ghiradelli square, the wharf and then to Letterman Digital Arts Center in the Presidio so Davis could take a pictures with EVERY piece of Star Wars memorabilia. It was a quick but memorable trip.

Golden Gate Bridge in fog

Pops bravely drove our tank down Lombard Street

Her feet pressed into the seat in front of her.

Pretty morning walking around peeking at Alcatraz

Highlight for Davis was visiting Letterman Center for Digital Arts and seeing all the Star Wars memorabilia.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Whitefish and Glacier

After the 4th, the Hayes returned to Idaho and we enjoyed the cool wet weather relaxing inside. We did make it out to Glacier and did the Going to the Sun Road to Logan's Pass. It was stunning. So beautiful and so cold. I'm so happy we snuck it in and shared that with the Mooney family before their departure.

Hi-5 for completing this 1,000 piece puzzle during nap time. 

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Skipping rocks

Kathryn, Davis, Grace and Connor at Logan's Pass
View at Logan's Pass
So crazy to see snow in July

And for our last night, Doug took us out on a very special boat ride on Lake MacDonald. Its quite the chore to load up the boat, have it inspected in the park and such but well worth it.  We put the boat in at West Glacier and drove it up to the Lodge and Macdonald Creek. We had dinner and played in the creek before heading back down. We were the only boat except for the tour boats and Lake MacDonald was like glass.